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  • Masood Chowdhury

Online Masjid Presence in a Digital World

In this information age, a presence on the internet is a must for all types of organisation. It is the first place people turn to for information. If you're not on the internet, you might as well not exist.

Despite this reality, many masjids continue to have a very limited presence on the internet and hence miss out on a a great opportunity to connect with their congregations. Even many internet savvy masjids which do have an internet presence fail to regularly update their social media and websites. Audiences quickly lose interest visiting sites which are updated every few months or even years!

The frequency, relevance and quality of posts is a solid indicator of the way the masjid is managed and choses to project itself to the outside world. There is no excuse for the masjid for not posting timely and accurate information with a smart phone in the pockets of each and every one of us.

So much good newsworthy stuff happens in masjids, but goes unannounced. We need to make our own news and not be shy of trumpeting our own successes. All it takes is a well taken photo with a short creative caption to help endear the masjid to the community.

The internet is a great blessing from Allah. He is the one who taught man that which he did not know. So, let us now use this great blessing to serve the religion of Allah.

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