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Al-Huda Masjid is a community masjid situated on Legrams Lane in Bradford 7, close to the University of Bradford. The masjid has capacity for six hundred worshippers, with the potential for another three hundred worshippers once the development of the basement floor is completed. On average the masjid is used by approximately three hundred people every week. Programmes are delivered in the masjid in both English and Urdu.



Al Huda Masjid Ahle Hadith & Madrassah Salafiah

119 Legrams Lane
West Yorkshire



Useful Contacts:

Imam Hafiz Akhlaq Ahmed     

07919 893 694 

Imam Hafiz Sharifullah Shahid

07868 178 141

Yaseen (Management)

Social Media:

Bank Details:

Sort code: 05 03 13
Account No: 32630024

Brief History:

Al-Huda Masjid was founded in the year 2000 by Mohammed Akbar, Mahmood Hussain and Abdur Rashid. The masjid building was formerly a Methodist church dating from the late 19th century / early 1900’s. The masjid was officially opened on 23rd November 2000. The layout of the building was perfect for the purpose of a masjid, with two large prayer halls, a separate entrance for sisters, a number of classrooms, kitchen facilities and bathrooms.

Up until recently the basement of the masjid was used by the Bradford Curry Project, which is a multi-faith charity that provides food to the needy in the Bradford district. The basement has also been used in previous years by a number of other organisations including, the Princeville Homework Club, the Libyan Arabic School, fitness classes, English language classes etc.

In 2004 the building was modified with a three story extension, which included offices, a new ablution area for brothers and a two bedroom flat, which is currently occupied by the Imam of the masjid.

Current Activities:

English Khutbas and lectures started in the masjid in the year 2002. We currently have at least one Jumuah khutbah in English every month.

  • ​Quran and Islamic studies madrasah for children (five days a week);

  • Quran and Islamic studies programme in English (every Friday);

  • Tajweed classes for sisters;

  • Arabic classes for sisters;

  • Hifz classes for boys;

  • ​Events in English and Urdu.



We aspire to develop the basement floor of the building to provide a larger prayer area, ablution facilities for sisters and a crèche. Our vision for the future is to increase dawah activities and deliver the correct message of Islam to the local community, both Muslims and non-Muslims.


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