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Q1. Is Dawah North an organisation?

A1: “Dawah North” is not an organisation. It is simply the name for an online directory of masjids (mosques) in Bradford & surrounding areas which subscribe to the beliefs of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jammah.


Dawah North is not a call to sectarianism. We believe in cooperation between all Muslim organisations for the sake of Allah, even if they do not feature on this website. 

Q2. Who are Ahlus Sunnah wal Jammah

A2: In short, it is the Muslim creed of Sunni Islam. This article explains a bit more. It has nothing to do with Fiqh.

Q3. Does the website officially represent the featured masjids?

A3: No. The website does not officially represent the masjids in any capacity. Should a masjid wish to have information updated/corrected, please send an email to and we'll try to update it within 24 hours inshallah.

Q4. Who runs the Dawah North website?

A4: My name is Masood. I run the website. I can be reached on for any enquiries.

Q5. What is the history of Dawah North?

A5: I started the Dawah North website with the help of a few brothers in 2011. The simple aim was to improve cooperation between a small group of masjids, as a stepping stone towards wider unity.


The initial concept was to build a fully functional masjid portal, however the concept has been streamlined since then to make it easier to maintain. 

Q6. The Jamat times for my masjid are not correct, why?

A6: Please email to notify us of incorrect prayer times. To make a correction will require correction of the Excel data file for the entire year's prayer times which we can supply. The corrected file can then be uploaded to the website database by us.


Q7. How can I donate to the featured masjids?

A7: Please contact the masjids themselves direct. The same goes for all service related enquiries.


Q8. Can I advertise on the Dawah North website?

A8: No. 

Q9. I need a fatwa or counselling?

A10: The website does not issue Islamic rulings, counselling services, marriage ceremonies, divorces papers, zakat distribution or any other kind of service. Individual masjids will be able to provide further information about such services.

Q10. Do you organise events?

A10: No. However, from time to time joint masjid events/activities may be held loosely under the Dawah North banner, as a common entity for cooperation.

Q11. Do you accept donations?


Q12. Do you have a Dawah North app?

No, but the website is fully mobile phone optimised. 

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