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Muhammadi Masjid, Nelson currently serves over three hundred Muslim families in the East Lancashire area. The masjid has provided numerous services to the community since 1995 and is a registered (reg. no: 111146). Numerous scholars from all over the world have visited the masjid over the years, including the Imam of Masjidul Aqsa.

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Brief History:

In the early nineties the local Dawah community felt the need for a masjid in the area. They started working towards the establishment of a masjid by seeking support from the local community and other Dawah branches around the country. Having raised sufficient funds, a church building was purchased on Netherfield Road. The existing building was demolished and a purpose built masjid was built on the site to meet the needs of the local community. The project was successfully completed and Muhammadi Masjid was launched as a registered non-profit organisation in the centre of Nelson in 1995.


  • Khutbas in Urdu and English;
  • Qur’an classes for children (five days a week)
  • Hadith readings for adults
  • Islamic Library

A da’wah organisation, under the banner of Islam Nelson, which organises regular talks for the Muslim community of Nelson by inviting scholars from other cities, is also based in the masjid. The aim of Islam Nelson is to arrange regular events such as religious conferences, seminars for adults and sporting and educational activities for young children. Islam Nelson also runs a DVD and book distribution project which makes quality da’wah material available to the Muslim community at cost price.


Currently the masjid accommodates 250 brothers and 50 sisters. With view to increasing capacity, Alhamdulillah, Muhammadi Masjid has acquired a church building very close to the existing masjid building which will soon undergo renovation. The floor area will be nearly three times bigger than that of the existing masjid. It will Insha’Allah increase the capacity of the masjid from 300 to 800 worshippers.

The vision of the masjid is to increase activities for local Muslims in all aspects of life including arranging talks, debates, conferences etc. The masjid’s main aim is to provide the best possible facilities for praying and seeking knowledge according to the Quran and Sunnah.

Useful Contacts:

Name Position Telephone Email
Hafiz Usman Arif Imam 07523 977 721
Shahnawaz Yousuf General Secretary 07903 617 856
Usman Dar Treasurer 07912 622 522