Frequently Asked Questions

01. Is Dawah North a new organisation?
“Dawah North” is not an organisation. It is simply the name for a shared local information portal. All activities and services advertised are entered directly into the portal by the participating masjids.
02. Why is a portal needed?
In this information age, a presence on the internet is essential for all masjids. Experience has shown that it is often not practical for individual masjids to effectively maintain their own websites, due to the challenge of generating continuous new content and marketing. The portal represents a pooled resource which will have a ready supply of new content from more than one source inshAllah and be marketed centrally. The portal will also help ensure better co-ordination and cooperation between the participating masjids.
03. Will I be welcome at the masjids featured on this portal
Muslims and non-Muslims of all backgrounds are welcome to all the masjids featured on this portal. Organised groups of non-Muslims wishing to visit a masjid should contact the masjid in advance via the contact details provided.
04. Are women welcome to all events?
Women are welcome to all the masjids featured, which usually have separate sections for women. In line with the teachings of Islam, events are segregated on the basis of gender at all participating masjids. All events are open to both genders unless specifically stated otherwise.
05. Are children welcome to all events?
Children are welcome to all events unless specifically stated otherwise. Children should be accompanied by an adult, who is responsible for their conduct, when attending the masjids.
06. Are all events held in English?
The medium of instruction in the masjids in the UK has traditionally been Urdu; however there is a steady transition towards adopting English as the language of choice due to the rapidly changing demographics of the Muslim community. Most of the events advertised on this portal are aimed at the English speaking audience unless otherwise stated.
07. Why does the portal not feature articles and audio/visual content?
This website is an information portal. There are many good websites on the internet which host articles and audio/visual resources.
08. How do I find out about new programmes?
The calendar on the portal homepage carries links to all new events. Alternatively information, regarding both classes and events, may be found on the individual masjid pages accessed via the links in the page footer or the green drop down menu on the top right of the page . Events will also be advertised through the mailing list, which you may join by registering your email address on the homepage.
09. How can I donate towards the portal or one of the participating masjids?
Donations are always welcome. To donate to the portal please follow the link on the homepage. To donate to individual masjids please visit the individual masjid pages.
10. Can I advertise on the portal?
This portal does not host any commercial advertising or profit making events. All events are free”-sabeelilah. Where a fee is advertised then it is only nominal to cover basic costs of the hosting masjid/centre.
11. I need a fatwa or counselling?
The portal does not issue Islamic rulings, counselling services, marriage ceremonies, zakat distribution or any other kind of service. Individual masjids/centres will be able to provide further information about local contacts for such services.