This website is a local information portal for a small network of masjids in the north of England, located within a 30 mile radius of Bradford, West Yorkshire. The portal is a product of the cooperation and support of all of the masjids featured.

Dawah North Masjid Locations:

Aims and Objectives of the Portal:

  • To better inform the community of the facilities and services available at the participating masjids;
  • To provide the community with up to date and accurate information about classes and events held at the participating masjids.
  • To stimulate further da’wah (calling people to Allah) in the local area;
  • To promote the spirit of cooperation between the participating masjids, as Allah, the Most High, has said:

 ”Help one another in piety and righteousness” (Al-Qur’an 5:2);

  • To improve coordination of activity and cooperation between the masjids.

How to Use the Portal:

The masjids featured in this portal have been grouped into three geographical areas. Each area is colour coded to make the browsing experience easier. The colour coded theme is carried right the way through the website.

The homepage features events, posters and news from all participating masjids and is the best way to get a general overview of what’s going on in the region. The masjid pages provide more detail about activities and facilities specific to an individual masjid and are effectively ‘stand alone’ masjid websites.

We hope you enjoy using the portal and we are always open to suggestions as to how to improve it further.