IslamBradford will be holding a ‘bring a dish’ event this Sunday 8 September 2013 at 6-45pm till Magrib to honour the contribution of Dr. Jameel and Dr. Mohammad Rajab to the local da’wah in West Yorkshire. Both are originally from India and work as consultant doctors in local hospitals, however the difference being  that for the last few years that have spent  their weekends giving da’wah to non-…Muslims as part of the Meet Your Muslim Neighbour project. They have been dubbed as the ‘Dr. Zakir Naiks’ of West Yorkshire and their great contribution to the da’wah and humility, despite holding down demanding jobs, will be sorely missed. We wish them all the best as they leave the UK in the next few weeks for India and Saudi Arabia respectively to take up consultant positions and ask Allah to accept their efforts in da’wah. The event is open to both brothers and sisters and will start with short reminders by both doctors, relating their personal experiences in giving da’wah to non-Muslims, followed by food.